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  • Tizinger (2020)

    Golang, GraphQL

    A command line tool to fetch a playlist from a GraphQL database, search the matching songs on a music streaming service, and re-create the playlist on that service. It supports and Tidal out of the box, support for other services and radios can easily be added, thanks to a modular plugin architecture. It is fully unit tested and commented.

  • Hello (2017–Present)

    Vanilla JavaScript, Jekyll, Netlify, Serverless

    Also known as this website. Features progressive enhancement (time-of-day-appropriate greeting in a random language on the homepage, current weather where I live, current year in the footer) if JavaScript is available without breaking if it isn't available, manipulates the DOM directly without any framework, uses serverless functions, automated preview deployments and releases through Netlify. Available at

  • YNAB_convert (2019)

    Ruby, CSV

    Command line tool to parse statements from financial institutions and convert the data into a format YNAB4 understands to import the transactions. The gem supports Revolut and UBS (credit and debit) out of the box. It uses a plugin architecture that enables adding other banks easily following a reference implementation. It is fully unit tested and commented. Available as a Ruby Gem:

  • node-bitly (2015)

    NodeJS, OAuth, NPM package

    A contribution I made to the open source NPM package. I added OAuth handling, refactored the tests so they're less coupled, and used fixtures to mock HTTP calls so the tests are less flaky, have no side effects, and are much faster to run. It was accepted and merged by the package maintainer. Available on NPM:

  • AdADay (2016)

    NodeJS, Slack bot

    A Slack bot that scrapes, extracts one random video matching a set of configurable criteria, and posts it to Slack at regular intervals. Fully unit tested and documented, mocks HTTP calls for testing.