Hello, my name is Pierre, I currently live in Switzerland from where I help businesses build better software.

Over the last 12 years, I've successfully worked with companies in North America and Switzerland on things like:

  • Tackling technical debt and legacy code
  • Process optimization and automation
  • CI/CD (pipelines, preview deployments, etc.)
  • Automated testing
  • Custom web app development (backend and frontend)
  • Developer mentoring and training
  • Decreasing page load times
  • Lowering code's carbon footprint

I regularly contribute to open source software, and maintain the Maid Ruby gem (along with its original author Ben Oakes). To see some of my code, have a look at my featured open source software contributions.

I write a blog about software quality, building software faster, more deliberately, and with less stress.

In my spare time, I enjoy repairing bicycles and other things, building e-bikes, traveling the world, scuba diving, mushroom foraging, and vegan food.

Send me a message to get in touch, I speak French and English fluently.

You can find me online on GitHub .